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##guntalk Channel Guidelines

Post by Skalar » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:25 am

##guntalk is a channel not only about guns and things gun-related -- but also of freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.

With that said, we do not expect people in the channel to tolerate abuse or provoke people.

We invite people to interact with and join our community provided they show respect towards others and our rules. Even though we may disagree, sometimes vitriolically -- we expect everyone behave with civility.

Some Guidelines to live by:
  • Be polite.
  • When posting links to material that is:
    • Criminally illegal -- DONT DO IT. Already have had someone go to jail for posting images of his illegal machineguns.
    • If its sexually explicit, use the NSFW tag. i.e. "sitetopicture.com/explicit.jpg [NSFW]
    • if your link is disturbing, use the NSFL tag. If the community frowns upon continued posting -- consider not posting such things anymore.!
  • Avoid engaging with knee-jerk reactions, think things through before you respond.
  • The environment for participation should be welcoming to all individuals. YES, EVEN LIBERALS. There are some liberal gun owners out there and they do enter ##guntalk. Even if they're not -- They could be gun enthusiasts that don't know it yet!
  • If a remark is unnecessary and shitty, it's probably best to keep it to yourself.
  • Off-topic conversations are encouraged, but should give way to gun-related topics where appropriate.

This isn't an exhaustive list, but its a start.

I'm a reasonable person. I try to be fair, and I don't want to boot anyone from the channel, I really don't. Its not what I'm about -- but some people really want to test me, tiwake and others. There are also Freenode's policies , and from a legality standpoint. As said above, don't be a shithead, Don't fuck with people and piss them off habitually and you wont get the banhammer.

So there, I've said my piece.

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