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How To Use GunBot

Post by Skalar » Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:23 am

As you can tell in the forum, there's a happy little bot by Skalar named GunBot.

He does a lot of useful stuff, and a partial list is below:
  • !8-----------------------Magic 8-ball. Ask it something and GunBot will tell you your fortune!
  • !flip --------------------GunBot flips a coin
  • !g-----------------------Searches Google
  • !gunbroker----------Searches gunbroker!
  • !help-------------------GunBot Links this post.
  • !i------------------------Searches Google Images
  • !m----------------------Searches IMDB for your favorite movie.
  • !price------------------Searches Wikiarms for the lowest cost guns and accessories
  • !stats------------------Tells the user count stats between ##guns and ##guntalk
  • !ud---------------------Queries UrbanDictionary
  • !w-----------------------Searches Wikipedia for article you specify
  • !wa---------------------GunBot Queries WolframAlpha and is able to answer most trivia questions about math and geography. etc
  • !yt----------------------Searches Youtube
This is not an exhaustive list. I'll update it from time to time when I give GunBot some new functionality.

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