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Skalar Forums Ranking Structure

Post by Skalar » Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:01 pm

As you may have noticed there is a ranking system on the forums. This is to denote a user's senority, trustworthiness or administration abilities on the forum...

There are 2 kinds of Ranks on the forum. Officers and Enlisted. Here's a breakdown on how it goes:


Enlisted Ranks are Straightforward. The Enlisted Ranks are based upon postcount and have no administrative or command authority
Ranks-enlisted.png (52.61KiB)Viewed 25820 times

Officers are persons of merit. They are appointed where they have contributed to the forum in a meaningful manner and have good standing and good moral characters & values
Many have the power to manage small subforums, and and its operations, However most serve as admins under higher ranking officers on larger forums

Officer Ranks are as follows
Ranks-officers.png (88.29KiB)Viewed 25820 times

Warrant Officers

Warrant Officers are persons of merit. Often they are appointed where they do not yet have the postcount to be a 2nd lieutenant, but their merit puts them above the enlisted ranks. Most often Warrant Officers are programmers or individuals with expert knowledge on the inner workings of the forums, but you'll see warrant officers with expertise in the medical, legal and the sciences as well.

The Warrant Officer Ranks are as follows.
Ranks--warrant-officers.png (54.07KiB)Viewed 25820 times
Forum Branches

Both Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers can have an insignia of the branch they belong to. Its the little icon that appears above their name and Rank insignia.
forumbranches.png (75.89KiB)Viewed 25820 times
Its possible later that Senior Enlisted will also be able to have a branch insignia at a later date. We'll see how that works out.

at the moment this isn't set in stone, and new or different insignia may be used at a later date. Just check back here for updates.

That's it for now. I'll append to this if anything changes. Enjoy the Forums

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