Yeah, So I broke my Arm....

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Yeah, So I broke my Arm....

Post by Skalar » Sat Jul 20, 2019 4:12 am

If you haven't already heard.

Without getting into too many details about work, I was at work, cleaning a swimming pool -- Training a new guy for the job. While he was out in the truck getting chemicals, I stepped backwards to get leverage on to brush all the dirt/potential yellow algae' to the main drain. That's when my foot slipped.

It slipped as I stepped backwards, causing me to fall forwards and a foot into the pool. Ended up catching myself with my right arm. All my weight from a fall halfway into a pool and boom. on that arm.

It really happened so fast I didn't know what happened initially, other than falling down and catching myself. But my arm felt funny and when I looked at it, it looked funny. I suspected I broke it, but I stood there waiting a bit to see if I truly did break it.

then that unmistakable feeling, that one I had about 30 years ago as a child came back. I had broken it.

The guy I was training came back and I told him I needed to sit in the truck. I tried to shake it off, but I quickly got into the passenger side, ready to pass out. He . He promptly quit an hour later. ;)

20190702204732-57d32faa-xx[1].jpg (1.3MiB)Viewed 4501 times
Hard to see, but its def. swollen & looks funny
20190703202544-ffc13391[1].png (648.63KiB)Viewed 4501 times
20190703195252-986364de[1].png (748.98KiB)Viewed 4501 times
Can See The Crack There.
20190703202543-c3135af4[1].png (569.11KiB)Viewed 4501 times
If you look Closely you can see the head to my radius bone is split down the middle
20190703202544-5288ac36[1].png (721.86KiB)Viewed 4501 times

All my weight went down on an outstretched palm, transmitting all that force to the radius bone. which broke under the force. I'm gonna be shorthanded for a few months.

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Re: Yeah, So I broke my Arm....

Post by pitfall » Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:16 pm

I hope you heal up and feel better soon! I've been lucky so far in avoiding breaking any bones, but I've had my share of sprained wrists/ankles, etc. Enough to know that having a broken bone would be no fun at all, especially if you're like me and toss & turn at night in your sleep. Ugh, not fun at all.

Glad your employee at least was decent enough to drive you to the ER and stick around until your family arrived.

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O-3 Captain
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An Update On My Arm Situation

Post by Skalar » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:09 pm

Bit of an update:

Went to the doc and took more X-rays. There's some good and bad news.

X-ray-8-14.png (461.08KiB)Viewed 2676 times

The Good news is that its healing! You can see the crack is 'filling in' with collagen fibers, kinda' like almost like a cartilage.
Osteoblasts will come in and synthesize bone mineral on that matrix, and soon I'll have bone.

I'm still having issues with my arm, though. Mainly supination. i.e. Going "palms up"

X-Ray--7-9-A4.png (774.58KiB)Viewed 2676 times

Falling like I did and the force of the impact cracking my radius bone has shifted the bones in my wrist and the ulna bone. You can see there its not quite right.

I'm still having range of motion issues and hopefully that'll subside. I can use the arm, but I'm limited to how far I can move it, + a 3lb limit imposed by the doc. that means, coffee cup, glass of milk, etc. No door knobs. Can't twist it.

Its getting better, just takes a very long time.

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